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Overkill {the Electric Age}

I finished up all tracking of the guitars. The only amps used on the entire new record were my custom made Fortin Amplifiers, not any Dime amps to answer those emails. The RED DEATH amp was used on every rhythm track by me. It was used on both the left and right sides and the BLACK DEATH was used for all of the solos. I hope this clears up all the emails i have been receiving about the tracking.Mike makes amazing amps and these suckers destroy. If you have not heard about these amps ,you certainly will. They are the best damn sounding amps available !!!


red death

Just back from 2012 NAMM show. Hooked up withCelestion speakers and I will be checking out some new speakers in the upcoming weeks.I also got a hold of a couple of Morpheus pedals that I will be using on the next tour.

Fortin Amps

The eagle has just landed. I just received my customized Fortin amp and I have two words for you... Holy Shit !!! I will be adding some clips of this amp to the media page. For now you can
click here to listen to the amp dropped into the song "Walls Of Hate" with out any additional eq or effects, it is bone dry.

We just returned home from NAMM. It was great to meet up with a bunch of old friends and make some new. For those of you who stopped by Fernandes booth thanks for the patience . I met up with Steven Slate and checked out his drum plugs, amazing stuff. Lastly I would like to thank Casey at Lexicon for all of his help, Lexicon Products are among the best in the world.

I would also like to announce a new partnership with Mike Fortin Amplifiers. Mike builds amazing stuff and I can't wait to get my hands on his stuff...more to come

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