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coverkill Coverkill : The 1st Overkill record I recorded some tracks for. Allthough it appears that I played all the guitars on this record, I did not. In fact Coverkill has every other guitar player that came before me in the band on it. All that I played were some solos and then some harmonies parts that were missing,and a few rythym parts. The songs I played solos on are Deuce, Changes, I'm against it, Hymn 43, and Death tone, I used a Randall amp and 25 watt vintage celestions plugged strait in. iT
bloodletting Bloodletting : The 1st record I recorded all the guitar parts for. Lots of late nights here as we ran into some problems tracking with the original producer. We ended up calling in Colin Richardson to mix it. He had limited time on this mix and Colin did a great job. I wrote a bunch of additional guitar parts for this one. DD,Blitz, and myself did the backround vocals. I used a Marshall VS-100 and a vintage Marshall 4x12 loaded with 65 watt celestions, old crybaby wah, eq and a gate for the recording session.
killbox Killbox 13 : The 2nd record I recorded all the guitars for. We had Colin do this record soup to nuts. We had more time for tracking on this one. I wrote a bunch of guitar parts, melodies and did a bunch of harmonies and layering stuff to broaden the tunes. I also did track six of Blitz's vocals tracks while Colin was mixing this record. Backround vocals were done by all of us. I used a Randall head and a Langner modified Marshall head through a 75 watt celestion loaded 4x12.
live Wrecking Everything : Recorded live in Asbury Park, NJ. On this record my guitar can be heard on the right side and Derek's guitar can be heard on the left. This was our 1st recording together in Overkill . We also recorded additional tracks for the record at soundcheck including the Beast Within and Death Rider. Maybe some day they will end up bonus tracks ? I used a Randall head and old marshall 4x12`s.
relix RelixIV : This was the 3rd record that I tracked all the guitars for. This record was done a bit differently. It was also the 1st record that I did not do any backround vocals for. Derek and DD did all the backround vocals. I also tracked all of the guitars in Florida on this one. DD and Tim did the basic tracks in NJ. where DD actually played the scratch guitars along with Tim. He sent down the tracks to me to replay. This was Tim's last record. I did do a lot of harmony solos on it but I didn't have a lot of time to add much more to this one. Randall head and marshall 4x12 used.
immortalis Immortalis : Enter Ron Lipnicki, this was his 1st record with Overkill. This time DD, Ron, and myself got together to work things out prior to recording. I tracked all the guitars for the record again but this time all the rhythm guitars were tracked in DD's studio and all the leads were tracked in mine. The backrounds were once again handled by Derek and DD and they were recorded in DD's studio. I used a Peavey 5150 II head and a vintage 30 loaded 4x12 cabinet in both studios.
ironbound Ironbound : Ron, DD, and myself worked in the studio everyday for a week prior to recording this one and worked everything out. I believe this is the best way to do things. I did write a bunch of guitar, melody, and arrangment parts on this one. I also changed the rhythms parts under the solos this time to give them a different feel. I played all of the guitars tracks on Ironbound as well. The rhythm tracks were recorded at DD's studio and all the solo's at mine again. I used a Randall V2 head and XLT 4x12 cabinet loaded with celestion vintage 30's.
SKH Acts of Insanity : This record was originally intended for Overkill. I recorded the songs to a click track and was planning on using them with Overkill but because of some publishing issues they were not considered. SO Tim and Derek both jumped on board. We were originally looking at Gary from Propane to do vocals but our schedules kept on clashing and we could not get it together. So in came Mario from my old band A.O.A. to do the vocals. Randall head on this one with a vintage 30 4x12..
skh Out for Blood : This one was a nightmare recording for me. We recorded the whole record then lost it in a computer crash after it was 95% done. We did get some of it back but had a very hard time getting mixes off the computer without clitches. We also introduced Bob Barnak on this record. He is my new favorite singer. Tony Ochoa remains the backbone alongside ex-Ripping Corpse bassist Dave Bizzigotti . I used a Randall V2 and a Peavey 5150 II on this one.
dvd Wrecking Everything Live : This is the video version of the wrecking everything cd but with addtional songs. It was of course recorded in Asbury Park, NJ. at the Paramount. The same info applies to this show that applies to the Wrecking Everything cd. Cool fact on this one is Seb Marino did monitors for us at this show. Great guy and a good friend.
wacken Live Wacken Open Air 2007 : This DVD was recorded at the Wacken Open Air Festival in the summer of 2007 IN Germany. My guitars can be heard on the right side and Derek's can be heard on the left. Crazy show, I remember cutting a song due to monitor issues before the show started. We really never got it set right but the show must go on. I used a Randall V2 head for this show and Marshall 4x12 cabinets.
hello Hello From the Gutter : This record is really just a compilation record. It features various lineups of the band and a bunch of live tracks.
unholy Unholy : This two disk cd is basically the Wrecking Everything Live cd packaged with the Killbox 13 cd together. It was released in 2004.
devil by the tail Devil By the Tail : This is a 2 cd disk Import. It is also a compilation cd. I have never seen this record in person so I am not to sure what exactly is on it.
kataklysm Prevail : My buddies from Kataklysm asked me if I was interested in doing a guitar solo on their Prevail record. They were recording and or mixing here in Florida. I was not able to get to that session to track because I was involved in another session. So I plugged in my guitar and cut the track in my studio and I emailed it over to see if it was the direction they were looking for.They took it as it was and it is now the solo on the track Blood in Heaven.
bach Sebastion Bach and Friends : I remember getting a call from Sebastion telling me he had some recording time at Electric Lady Studios in NYC. We put together a couple of tunes at my home studio and went in to the city to track a few tunes. Anton Fig did the drums and was great to work with. We recorded Done Bleeding and we used some basics tracks from my house on a track called Blastphemer.
gigantour Gigantour 2 : This was recorded live on the Gigantour when we were in Florida. There are 4 tracks on this record 2 live tunes on the DVD and 2 audio tracks on the cd. I have never actually seen or heard these tracks myself. On the Gigantour I used a Langner DCP-1 preamp and a Peavey Classic 120 poweramp through 70 watt celestions.
twisted Twisted Forever : We recorded this during the Bloodlettng sessions. Same gear used here as the Bloodletting record. We recorded Under the Blade

Maximum Mayhem : Compilation record released in 2001 it contains two tracks Bleed Me and Death Comes Out To Play.


bbc Bronx Casket Company : I played some acoustic guitars on a this record. I don't remember what ones ? I will have to go listen. I used an old Martin D-28.


Basic Information

: New Jersey
: Song Writer, Producer, Guitar Instructor, Studio Musician, Studio Owner, Record Label owner.
Now Living
: East Coast , Florida
Current Bands
: Speed\Kill/Hate, Overkill
: Rhoads, Van Halen, Malmsteen, etc...
: Allthough I prefer to play heavy music I am educated and versed in many other styles of music.
: Guitars, Motorcycles, Surfing, and MMA.
: Liars, and scumbags ...
Why Guitar
:I started playing guitar because I loved to do it, and for no other reason. I still love to play and have the same desire to do so as I did when I started to play.
Tips for others
: Find the right drummer and don`t compromise on this. This will be the foundation on which everything you do is built on . I would say when it comes to music just do what you like and feel and not what someone else tells you it should be...that way if nothing ever comes out of what you created, you will always still have something you like instead instead of something you compromised on. Because after it is all said and done, if you compromise on something that what was suppose to be the grand idea, (unless you are completely in love with and agree with) you will never like it and that is something you will have to live with for years to come.





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